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MSLS Reunion 2012


About Us

What we all have in common is that we’ve spent a year studying in Sweden, completing our Master’s degrees in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability. We come from all years of the programme, which started back in 2004.


Every now and then, some crazy alumni decide that it’s time for a reunion… and it seems this time is NOW. Our main event was called in Vancouver, Canada. We’ve added at least one satellite event, in Karlskrona, Sweden (home of our dear programme). More may join us.

The MSLS programme is amazing! It brings together a group of passionate sustainability change agents from all over the world. It’s not surprising to see a 55-person cohort represent 30 different countries. The transdisciplinary nature and the unique approach to higher education provided richness, depth, and unforgettable experiences.​​

​​If you’re interested to learn more about this programme, we encourage you to check out the website (www.bth.se/msls), the facebook fan page (BTH Sustainability Masters), and Twitter (@sustainBTH).

You can also just track down some of our alumni, and have a chat… we tend to show up everywhere!

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